Self storage for you


Self storage four you and your family

Discover the advantages that our storage rooms can offer you. Whether you need a storage room to store things you don’t need, or if you need extra space to store your bike, art equipment, or sports equipment 

The safest storage rooms

Because we know that security is very important, our storage rooms have alarms, cameras and access control.


We don’t forget anybody. Our facilities are fully accessible to people with reduced mobility. 


Our contracts are tailored to your needs. Whether you need a storage room for 15 days or for a year, we adapt.

Shelf rental

To optimize the meters of your storage room. Place the smallest things on a shelf and maximize your space.


Small storage

Between 2 and 4m². They are perfect if you need a small additional space to store

Medium storage

Between 4 and 6m². This is your size if you need to keep some furniture you don’t use, winter clothes…

Big storage

8m². Ideal if you need a lot of space, for example, for a move or to keep some furniture safe


Still don’t know what size yours is? We can help you.

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