Self Storage for business


A warehouse for your business

Discover the advantages that our storage rooms can offer you for your business. If you need to save extra stock, for your online store, or an extra space for work tools. 

High security

Video surveillance system connected 24 hours, alarm connected with the police and a safe access control.

PIN code access

Forget the keys and allow access to the warehouse to anyone in your company that you authorize with PIN or proximity card.

Packing material

So that you never get caught unawares. We have packing material on demand inside our self-storage facilities. 

Shelf rental

Make the most of the storage room by using shelves to place the smallest elements in one of our shelves. 

Small storage

Between 2 and 4m². For freelancers or SMEs who need a place to store their work tools

Medium storage

Between 4 and 6m². Perfect for use as a warehouse for online stores, or extra  stock that do not fit


Big storage

8m². For companies with large storage needs, or if you are moving to another location

Still don’t know what size yours is? We can help you.

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